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Words, text & fonts

Typography the "fonts" for the text so people can read the words (for those of us only half awake sometimes). Words are a good place to start your web whether DIY (feel free to use styles here, from various places like Bootswatch), or when you need help with web design or wish to discuss web design, or discuss SEO. Words are the place to start.

TemplatTed is brought to you by the World's #1 SEO expert (really bags that! :)) Keith D Mains (that's me who wrote this). I believe all web designers in the World are wrong because it is about the end user and only a logo, favicon & start colour scheme that counts for branding. Disagree with that here!

Wacky Address here?

75 Laurel Close, Lincoln LN5,
Outer Teddington Court,
Triumph Disney LN 5 1/2,
Nr Norton Disney LN6,
P: +44 (0)1522 533378
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Keith Mains, SEO, Writer,
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Controls Bootstrap supports

In addition to freeform text, any HTML5 text-based input appears like so.

Some value here
Something may have gone wrong
Please correct the error



Default Success Warning Important Info

Progress bars



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